Panther 2021-2022 Celebrations

2021 2022

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You can view the digital program by selecting the link below or downloading the PDF document.
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Senior Dinner Celebration at Fogo de Chao - Class 2022 - June 2 2022

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Senior Rose Ceremony - May 26 2022

Seniors come together to recognize and celebrate someone who supported their life and education during their high school years. Students have the opportunity to deliver a gratitude speech and give a rose as appreciation.
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Imagine having a person who is serving your child breakfast, lunch, and snacks with the outmost kindness, respect, and joy. At Middle College High School Fraga, we have that person! Her name is Mrs. Guerra, our school’s nutritionist, and food customer representative.

Mrs. Guerra is truly kind towards our students and staff. At the start of the school year, she made it a point to learn all the students' names and learn one thing about them. Her get to know me better question was “What is your favorite fruit and vegetables?” I have seen how she serves the students with so much enthusiasm. For example, “Guess what we are serving today? Sweet Delicious Carrots… Your favorite! Seeing high School students react with a smile is priceless. I have observed her set up for the students. She is incredibly detailed, and everything must be very presentable. This leads me to how much respect she has for her job and the services she delivers.

You will always observe Mrs. Guerra counting her product and documenting everything. Her cooking thermometer is always visible as she monitors all the warm food. She is always cleaning her area and always inquiries about the students that have not yet received their lunch. Her commitment to assuring that all students eat is impressive. For example, on testing days, inclement weather, she assures that no student misses a meal.

To understand the context of set up. Mrs. Guerra reports to our neighbor school and delivers the food to our HCC lounge using a buggy. You can always catch her early walking and pushing that buggy as she greets all the students that are outside who always arrive super early. Visiting her area you will see ketchup, mustard, and mayonnaise packages stacked up perfectly one on top of another. The apples in perfect rows, and the listening of her greeting every student that she proudly serves with a smile. There are many people that deserve recognition of impact but on behalf of our Fraga Family we nominate Mrs. Guerra for the Business Operations Customer Service Impact. Our high school students deeply appreciate and respect her for her services.

Congratulations Mr. Maples for Winning HISD 2022 March’s Teacher of the Month with Group One Auto

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Mr. Jack Maples calls himself an A-Town Down, Houston Strong. He served at the United Stated Air Force as a Loadmaster where he was responsible for more than 58 airmen at a time and for the safety and delivering more than 128 personnel at a time. Mr. Maples, then attended University of Houston Downtown and graduated with a History Major and completed his teacher certification in social studies. He then applied to become part of the Fraga community in 2019. He never complains as he quietly takes care of his business with diligence and determination. His calm confidence, integrity and excellent work habits have earned him the respect of his peers and teachers. Something funny and interesting about Mr. Maples is that he collects Snapple caps. Mr. Maples is an independent thinker, friendly, humorous, and easy-going. One of his favorite quotes is “The present contains nothing more than the past, and what is found in the effect was already in the cause.” By Henri Bergson

Congratulations Isaac Vargas earning $1,200 HISD Superintendent Scholars Award

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Congratulations! Isaac Vargas is a recipient of the $1,200 HISD Superintendent Scholars Award.

Isaac Vargas is one of MCHS Fraga’s most exemplary seniors. This year, Isaac took college courses, maintained his high GPA and played basketball on the East Early HS Boys basketball team. He has been a role model for several of our underclassmen male students in the way that he carries himself, both in the classroom and outside of it.

Isaac plans to join the UH/HCC engineering partnership in the fall.

We at Middle College are so excited for Isaac and whatever the future holds for him.

The purpose of this scholarship is to support high school seniors who have exemplified great character and resilience by facing and overcoming obstacles in their lives.

• $1,200 scholarship, laptop and certificate / @HoustonISD and @HISD2College

Mr. Maples - Teacher of the Year and Ms. Morgan - New Teacher of the Year 2021 -2022

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Andrew Guerrero - Valedictorian, Bryan Miranda & Arita Dubon Madelyn -Salutatorians Scholars


Class 2022 - Senior Picnic

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Fraga in Action - Planning, Teaching and Learning

College and Career Orientation

We Appreciate our Team!

Saturday April 16 Community Easter Egg Hunt and Parent Engagement SEL

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School Spirit & Community Service

Fraga and Principal Recognitions

  • November 2021 - HISD Academic Excellence Award
  • March 2022 - HISD Leadership Excellence Award
  • March 2022 - HISD High School Office Principal of the Month - Data Champion Award