Egg drop Project

By Tae Angi-Tessmer

Defining the problem and Brianstorming

Mr.Landers gave us a challenge. We had to build a contraption that would safely drop the egg from 40-60 ft without breaking. We started right away and the egg dropper 2000 was born. Before Mr.Lander was even done talking my Partner and I had an Idea.

Building, Testing, and fixing

We got started right away working on padding the egg as much as much as we could before we but the egg in the Dixie cup and put the second Dixie cup over it. Then we poked holes in the bottom of the top cup to attach the parachute. We finally finished our prototype and decided to test it. I didn't go so well. we put two straws on the sides. It worked. Once we tweaked all the bugs it was ready for testing

Drop day

It was the day eggey past away. He was about to drop. As it dropped I knew it was going to break. It hit the ground but not that hard. Eggey did lose the top of his head. R.I.P Eggey

Here is the pic source.