Dr. Z's Curriculum Corner

Designed for the Admin and Staff of BTSD Vol. 3 March 21st

Hello Berkeley Township Staff!

I am sitting here on a Sunday afternoon and anxiously look out the window as the rain starts to fall. I will not say out loud if my pajamas are inside out, or if I hugged a tree today, but you all know what I am thinking when I suggest those thoughts. I am so excited to take the reins and start to officially begin the journey as Director of Elementary Education.

Marylou and I have our official first day together starting tomorrow! Here is another edition of the Curriculum Corner for you all. I hope to bring you new ideas, articles, and trends in education that you may find interesting.

I will be going to each of the schools to talk with you at a faculty meeting soon and I can not wait to see old friends and meet new friends as I come around.

Screen Casting

How do you get your kids interested in any lesson? Take a video of yourself teaching the lesson or better yet take a video of them teaching the lesson. We all know that our kids are hams and they love to look at us and themselves on any form of digital media. Below is an article on Screencasting and some facts about screencasting.

Key Takeaways

  • Screencasts can provide learners a student-centered and engaging learning experience in both distance and traditional learning settings.
  • To align screencasts with lesson objectives, goals, assessment practices, and standards, instructors can create their own screencasts rather than searching through the thousands of educational screencast videos on the web.
  • Good educational screencasts depend not only on thorough planning but also on thoughtful and careful editing to re-sequence lesson elements, eliminate awkward and unnecessary portions, and craft a focused, easy-to-follow presentation that uses students' time efficiently.

Does Motivating Kids really work?

Dan Pink: The puzzle of motivation

Have A Great Week Everyone!

I will be around visiting soon . I can't wait to see all of the amazing things happening at each of our schools. Remember, I Believe In YOU!