by nathan kunberger, calen cunningham, bri shackelford


The cell grows and replicates to full size and it copes it's DNA. then it divides into three parts.the Gap 1, synthesis, and gap 2. Gap 1 is the cell growing and carrying out normal functions.


The cell's nuclear material divides and seprates into opposite ends of the cell. multicellular organisms mitosis increases the number of cells as the organism grows. Mitosis also replaces. Mitosis also replaces damaged cells


1st and logest phase in mitosis.

Chromosomes and nuclear membrane. each chromosome is shaped like a "x" and makes two sisters chromatid. each chromotid is is identical to he one right attached to it. they are attached by a structure called centomere.


The second phase stage of GT mitosis.

The sister chromotiads get pulled by the parts of the spindle apparatus to the middle of the line, where they form a vertical line.


The third stage of mitosis.

In this stage the chromotads separate and migrate to other ends of the spindle.


The last phase of mitosis.

During it each set of chromosomes move to to the edge of the cell membrane. Then a nuclear membrane forms making an new nuclei.