Florida's AWESOME Places

By: Marc Lazarus 10

Day 1: Load The Artillery!

Visit Fort Clinch, a Civil War fort that was not in any battles! That may seem boring but actually it's very good because it was kept in good shape and you can really see how it looked originally. Some activities include swimming and fishing. There are also biking and hiking trails. Also to top it all off, there is a full facility camping ground!

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Day 2: WWII Time!

Today we go to the Miami Holocaust Museum! Here you can learn about World War Two and Jewish history. The Miami Holocaust Museum means a lot to me and many other Jews as well as people who just have the desire to learn about the Holocaust. Also some of the art there is very abstract and unique.

Day 3: Vroom, Vroom!

K1 Go-Carting is one of the most awesome go-carting tracks in Florida! The first time I went to K1 I had the time of my life! The rush of adrenaline I got when driving a go - cart for the first time by myself was amazing! But, why is it so much better than any other go-carting tracks? Well, the immersion is one of my favorite things it has to offer. When you put on that helmet and get in the go-cart it feels like you're in NASCAR I know it sounds strange,but all the little things they do really make it feel like an actual NASCAR race! Then you can go to Sushi Ray, a hibachi restaurant! If you get a hibachi table you can have a chef cook your food right in front of you! you can watch a show while you wait so there's no chance you'll be bored. One of my favorite things the chef does is make a "volcano" with onions then light it! When it lights the fire goes right out the center and it actually looks like a volcano!
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Day 4: Wow, What's That?

Now that we went go-carting time to head back to nature! We're going to Everglades National Park! The Everglades is about 1.5 MILLION acres of land! The Everglades is home to many, many rare species of plants, animals, and insects. To be more precise The Everglades holds over 1,000 species of plants! That's a big garden! When there you can go fishing, kayaking, and canoeing! Water actually takes up 500 million acres of The

Day 5: Sanibal Island!

Sanibel island is a marvelous place to visit because of the beatiful scenary and delicious sea food shacks. Sanibel Island is what all beaches should look like, soft white sand, crystal clear ocean water, beautiful tropical fish. Also, you'll never find better seafood anywhere else! You can go fishing, boating, snorkeling, or even scubadiving!
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