Semester 2 Leadership Addictions

Research about Addictions

My Addiction

The addiction that I am going to tell you about is a Technology. Many people are starting to get addicted to technology. Since technology is getting better more people are getting sucked into it.

Symptoms of having a Technology Addiction

  • Spend more time on tech. than sleeping
  • It effects your job/work
  • You can't control how long you are on this tech.
  • It effects you,family,friends, and other people

Options to how to get over a Technology Addiction

Try those options up there and if they don't help you go down and find the info about you overcoming it

Good Luck

I wish you good luck in getting over this addiction and I hope you can. If his things I put together don't help you can see people for help.

Call this line if you need help or encouragement

These people will help you get help,info, and just encouragement.