Madelyn Jackson Nov. 12, 1998

We have this hope as an anchor for the soul. Hebrews 6:19

About Me!!

I am sixteen, and I live in lugoff, South Carolina. I have four people in my family that live with me. They are my mom, dad, and two brothers. I am the oldest child of the family. I have a really close cousin, Micah. I was a gymnast for ten years until I injured my back and had to be out for half of the year. But I decided to stop and now I am on the dance team and winter guard/ color guard. I have a dog named sasha, and a cat named Chloe. I was influenced by a Georgia University Gymnast, Grace Taylor. She encouraged me to face my fears, and follow my dreams.


I love to try new things.

I also will work my hardest to get better at something new to me.


I am a former gymnast.

I am also on dance team, and winter guard and color guard.


--- 1998, I was born in Nc

--- 2000 we moved to SC

--- 2001 9/11

--- 2002 my brother Flynn was born

---2004 my brother Macon was born

---2006 twitter was first launched

--- 2007 global economic down turn

---2009 major break through in cancer research

--- 2013 I started High school.

Moms timline

--- 1971 she was born

--- 1981 Ronald Reagan was killed

--- 1986 challenger space shuttle disaster

--- 1989 graduated from high school

--- 1990 gulf war

--- 1993 she was married to my dad

--- 1993 she started teaching

--- 2001 9/11

--- 2010 Gamecocks won national championship in baseball

--- 2013 diagnosed with cancer

My Future

I plan to graduate from high school. After graduating I plan to go to collage and the University of South Carolina. I would love to be apart of the colorguard or dance team there. I also want to take classes to become a preschool teacher after collage.

In 2020 I would like to be in collage and apart of the dance team or color guard and be on the way to being a teacher.