Technology Philosophy

Christina Fout

My School's Philosophy-Carondelet Leadership Academy

Our mission at Carondelet Leadership Academy is to prepare young men and women with a solid foundation of basic academic and social skills which will ensure success, both at the secondary school level and for future participation in post secondary education and/or the workplace. We seek to accomplish our mission through creating an educational institution with a rigorous curriculum, high-quality teachers, and a school culture that encourages and respects students; treats and rewards teachers as professionals; and welcomes parent involvement.

After reading my school's philosophy statement, I was disappointed to see that there is nothing included about technology integration. They place a huge emphasis on our teachers using technology in the classroom so it is strange to me that it wouldn't be mentioned in the statement.

My Philosophy Statement

I believe...

I believe that technology integration in a must when it comes to a successful classroom beginning at a very young age. It is important to not only teach students about new technology but also to teach them the importance of digital censorship. Integrating the latest technology into the classroom prepares students for the the 21st century and also meet their interests. Today's world is constantly changing. It is very important that educators continue to incorporate new technology so our students are prepared for their future courses and careers.

I will use technology to not only motivate my students but also to increase engagement and all around success. Eventually I hope to have my students' entire day be digital but unfortunately until I can get my hands on a classroom set of chromebooks, we have to limit our lessons.