Alternate Energy Source

By jose


  • Wind makes the turbine spine powering an electric generator
  • Clean energy source
  • Preserves land for other uses
  • Not constant in some places
  • Turbines alter the landscape and natural aesthetics
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  • The heat from the sun is captured in solar panels
  • Available anywhere the sun shines
  • Clean and quiet
  • Only harnessed during the day
  • Solar panels are only about 20% efficient
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  • Water flow is used to power turbines that generate energy
  • Clean energy source no chemical reaction
  • Water flow can be regulated to match demand
  • Dams are expensive to build
  • Dams can destroy animal habitats
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Geothermal energy

  • Heat is mixed with water to create steam which power turbines to make electricity
  • It is clean and quiet energy source
  • There is more then what humans can consume
  • Locations are limited by drilling is limited so it can only be drilled where the heat is close to the earths surface
  • Outside fuel is needed to power machines used to produced it
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  • Essential solar energy stored in plants during photosynthesis
  • Can turn waste into energy
  • Keeps methane out of the atmosphere
  • Lots of water needed to produce biomass energy
  • It can emit air pollution and green house gases
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Nuclear energy

  • Splitting a uranium atom and taking the energy
  • There are 4 nuclear power plants in the US
  • 17% of the nuclear electricity is produced in the US
  • Power plants produce energy or electricity
  • Splitting an atom is called fission.
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