My Life

Ashlyn Ridenhour

Activities I enjoy

- I enjoy to go to the gym to stay healthy.

- Doing activities with my friends and other people to stay social.

- Drawing because i like to draw.

- Making good grades because it is important.

- going to church to be social with others.

My five values

-I value family because everyone should have a family.

-I value friends because friends are really important to have.

-I value food because you need food to survive.

-I value honesty because you should be honest and not lie.

-I value faith in God because it is important

major purchases i would like to make in the future.

- I would like to purchase a house for my family and I when I get older.

-Another major purchase i will make is my first car.

-A College tuition because college is expensive

-A big vacation for my me and my family to enjoy.

-Groceries because you have to purchase groceries at the most every 2 weeks.

Short- term smart goal i would like to reach.

- Always be on time for work, church or anyplace else i am suppose to be.

- Apply for a after school job is a short term goal I would like to accomplish

long-term smart goal i would like to reach.

- A long term goal i would like to reach is to graduate from college.

- Another long term goal I would like to reach is to have a family.