Eternal Rest Funeral Home

Celebrating the life of a lost one can be easy, let us help!

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Celebrating the life of a loved one could be difficult, we can help!

Many people think planning a funeral has to be stressful, well that's not correct. Follow Eternal Rest Funeral Homes guidelines and suggestions and you will be able to focus on celebrating your loved one's life not planning a funeral. Please read the helpful guidelines below that will assist in setting up the funeral service and care for the loved one.

Funeral Service Guidelines

What type of memorial service is preferred?

Religious or Nonreligious?

Morning or afternoon service?

What songs would you like to play?

Do you want to allow time for family members to share their memories?

How will the remains be transferred?

Who will help carry the casket?

Where will the service be held?

Where will the showing take place?

Will there be organ donation?

What clothes will the loved one wear?

Who will give the eulogy?

Will personalized items be displayed?

Was the loved one a service member?

Funeral Literature:

Pamphlet: Would you like a cover Image of the Deceased

-What would you liked included in the pamphlet: Memories, Songs, Bible Verses etc.

-How would you prefer the announcement or Obituary

Burial Guidlines

Closed or open casket?

Where will the burial plot be located?

Military salute?

Who will help carry the casket?

What to do with the remains

  • Cremation or Burial

  • What type of casket is preferred

  • what type of headstone is preferred

  • if burial where will the site be located

  • If cremation how will the remain be stored