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ERES Birthday Celebration for September and October

The Smile Committee will be hosting a birthday celebration for all SMILE members on Friday, October 30th. There will be chips and dips in the lounge so stop by for a birthday treat!

Happy birthday to:

Julie Scott- September 9th

Hillary Amos- September 13th

Liz Panganiban- September 29th

Angie Lucas- September 26th

Colleen Patton- October 4th

Adrianne Kangas- October 5th

Danielle Grimes- October 14th

Tammey Barton- october 14th

Kelly Cockrill- October 15th

Jill DeWitt- October 16th

Holly Nartz- October 27th

Trick-Or-Treat Fun

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Have a little fun with your colleagues!

After school on Friday, October 30th, the Smile Committee invites you to join your friends for a little Halloween fun! To participate, place a student desk in the hallway by 3:15 p.m. (you will probably not want to wait until after school to do this…) and decorate your desk however you like! Place a bowl or bag with some kind of treat (candy, fruit snacks, granola bars, anything goes…) on the table. At 3:20 we'll all meet in the hallway in front of the library and set off to trick-or-treat.

Three prize gift cards will be given to the most creative desks! Winners will be announced at 3:45.

Come stock up on candy for your own trick-or-treaters or grab some much needed sugar therapy for those days when chocolate is the only thing that will do! Whatever your motives…. it's sure to be fun!

**this is an optional activity

Have you joined the Smile Committee yet?

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What are you waiting for?

What do your Smile Committee dues pay for?

A monthly birthday celebration

A treat on your birthday

Payday treats in your mailbox

Care for co-workers that have unexpected things come up

AND two jeans passes!!!!

$20 for full time professional staff

$10 for paraprofessional staff and part time staff