General information

Methamphetamine is Called meth for short and was made by doctors to help people with ADHD. ADHD stands for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. It causes people affected to have a limited attention span and and very hyper. This can cause them to have difficulty learning as a result a doctor would prescribe methamphetamine. For the people with ADHD it would help them but if you were not perscibed this it will have bad effects on the body.

The effects

Meth has many effects that are very harmful to the body. The first effect of meth is the short term effects which usually start with a feeling of being very "high" and can cause unpredictable and violent behavior. High doses of meth can cause another problem called hyperthermia. Hyperthermia is like hypothermia but opposite temperature. When you have hyperthermia you have a dangerously high temperature. After you have short term effects then you have long term effects. Over time the brain gets used to the amount of dopamine being released and develops a tolerance to the meth which means the users will take more meth at one time. Some of the most common long term effects are anxiety and confusion, repetitive or compulsive activity, insomnia, personality changes, mood disturbances or psychotic behavior, memory loss, weight loss or anorexia, strange or violent behavior.

History of meth

Meth was originally meant for helping people with ADHD. People then found out it could be made from common items that could be bought at the local store. When people made it at home it was extremely dangerous.

Ways to help or slow the use of the drug

We can help by bringing awareness to the drug and it dangerous effects. We should also have law force be trained to deal with the drug and be more aware of it.