Levelland ISD News

September 3, 2019

The First Eight Days

2019-2020 has started out great with all campuses excited to welcome staff and students back for what promises to be an exciting and successful year. Thank you all for the great feedback on Matt Rush's motivational speech. Remember his words, “you can do more, be more and have more than you ever thought possible, you just have to be willing to get over yourself to get there.” I know that you will follow Matt's advice in making the best decisions and "planting the seed" for our LISD students this year. With that said, I'd like to share some good news with you......

TEA Recognizes Levelland ISD as a "B" District, with eight distinctions!

High School
Academic Achievement in Mathematics
Academic Achievement in Science
Top 25% in Comparative Academic Growth
Top 25% & First Place in Comparative Closing the Gap
Distinction in Post Secondary Readiness

Middle School
Academic Achievement in Science

South Elementary
Top 25% in Comparative Closing the Gap

Distinction in Post Secondary Readiness

A first look at our Lobos and Loboettes!

The LoboBand chooses member of the week and section of the week!

Levelland ABC provides a Sensory Hallway for students!

Levelland ABC has built a sensory hallway. This pathway is a way for students to develop motor skills like balance, hand-eye coordination, and spatial awareness while participating in an activity that is exercise. Children are “hands-on” learners. They learn by exploring and manipulating objects in their environment using the five senses: seeing, touching, tasting, smelling, and hearing. At ABC, students hop, stomp, jump, tippy-toe and fly through the sensory hallway course without knowing that they are having a brain-break or an energy release. ABC educators know that not every kid learns the same way or needs the same thing. Some students may be able to sit at their desks for a few hours at a time. Others, however, need the opportunity to get up, stretch, and even run. Thank you, ABC for providing this opportunity for students to have their senses stimulated.
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With sympathy....

Our prayers go out to the Jill Atchison Family. It is a tragic loss for our community. Jill touched many lives throughout her years as a dance instructor. We also send our prayers to the Odessa/Midland crisis. Many of us know people there and we are keeping them in our thoughts and prayers.