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Learning Targets!

Our two goals for improvement are assessments and engagement. Learning Targets fall directly under engagement, which is our school-wide indicator of 2.5 in Educate Alabama. Everything you do in the classroom that involves learning targets is evidence! See the link below for a PowerPoint Jackie Flowers created.


Remember that we as a faculty chose three pieces of evidence for what we see as engagement for students at the FFC:

  1. Students able to relate previous knowledge to present lesson
  2. Students teaching each other
  3. Student-teacher interaction

What do these things look like and what do they mean? Be thinking about it and we will discuss it as a faculty.

How to Create a Learning Target


I don’t want to give anything away, but this year’s yearbook is going to be AMAZING! The creativity and work ethic Ms. Marris inspires in her staff is making creating the FFC showcase for year 2014-2015 look like a game.

Fieldtrip! (You need flash to view this Photopeach.)

PLAN results are in!

Monday, Nov. 24th, 12am

Gathering Room (266)

I need to meet with academic leaders during your planning period to go over Explore/Plan data this Monday. After we meet, you can discuss it with your peeps.

On the RADAR...


That's a happy little acronym for our During-the-Day-Professional Development we will begin having in place of having PD during faculty meetings after school. These mini-sessions will last for 15 minutes once a week during plans. There will be an after-school alternative. As we step forward into our knowledge and implementation of learning targets, these sessions will help guide our adult learning. We will discuss and share strategies and protocols, and learn how to unpack our standards in order to create manageable and meaningful targets for our kids. We will get PD credit and learn APPLICABLE things!

Thank you, AMAZING FACULTY!! Til next time...