From Milk to Cheese

By: Sophia


Have you ever wondered how cheese is made? Do you know were cheese comes from?


Cheese is made from milk. the most popular animal that makes milk in the u.s is the cow.


Do you know the process of making cheese? First you milk the animal. Then you take it to the factory and heat it to 850.f then let it cool to 150.f. Afterword rennet and bactera is added. Then they cut it and shape it. Then they put salt on the outside of the cheese. After that they put it in the manuring room.Then they package it for the store.

Interesting Facts

These are some interesting facts. Switzerland is well known for gruyere. You can milk animals such as cows, goats, sheep, buffalo, camels, mares, and reindeer.


Now you know some things about cheese
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