October 2016

Welcome to the Bananas classroom!

We are so excited to have you in our classroom this year! This month, with so many brand new faces and experiences, we will be expanding "All About Me" to include our Bananas' families and traditions. We hope you can participate with family pictures to include in our family tree! Learning about their own families and their peers' encourages self awareness, as well as empathy and compassion for their peers.

This month we...

The Bananas have been working hard on their portraits this month! Self portraits not only build self-awareness and celebrates individuality, but also improves their literacy skills.

The Importance of Play

"...whether playing at home, in the park, at their friends' houses, or at school, children are learning all the time from the people, objects, and ideas they encounter. How much they learn depends on the richness of the materials and experiences in their environment and the kinds of interactions they have with peers and adults." - Linda Weikel

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Additional Resources

When education goes wrong: Dr. Nancy Carlsson Paige at TEDxTheCalhounSchool

Let's take it home!

In the classroom we will be exploring the author, Todd Parr, you too can check out his 30+ books at home too!

"I was able to take the messages that are part of my art and put them in a simple reading about acceptance, differences and empowerment for kids to feel better about themselves in a simple, fun way. I have a lot of fun creating my books and I’m proud to know they are helping someone feel better about themselves in a silly, fun way." - Todd Parr

In addition, we have also listed a few of our favorites below that celebrate individuality!

I want in!

We are always looking for parent involvement in the classroom as we believe that working in tandem is the best way to create a cohesive enriched learning environment for our Bananas. Please feel free to fill out the form below with your availability and interests, thanks!