Anolog vs digital by paul tluczek

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3 examples of anolog and digital

Analog. Digital

Ko-ko clock . Digital watch

Billboard . Esigrat

TV . Ebook

Comman thread:all are eather analog or digital

the difference between analog and digital item and how they work

Digital appliances count time have non continuous electric signal and turns into electric pulses. Analog appliances measure time I have a continuous electric signal and turns into binary code to communicate. The common thread is that both of these are examples appliance either analog or digital

should people bye analog or digital?

People should buy an analog because of the quality is the same no matter how loud you turn the volume compared to digital which it seems to deteriorate the higher you turn it's volume people she also Analog instead of DIGITAL because it's much cheaper to buy analog. The third reason that you should buy analog institutional it's because analog is much more durable think of it like a CD and record player record players are much harder to scratch than a CD. the CD is digital and the record is Analog. The common thread is that records red like DVDs but not the same way they're both just read

sources and mo and last but not least