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December 2016 Edition

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December's M-Powerment Strategy: Data Driven Instruction

What does this look like in MGSD? Teachers...
  • Use pre- and post-assessments to assess growth
  • Use common formative assessments within grade levels to monitor progress
  • Offer remediation and re-teaching for specific students based on their specific weaknesses
  • Encourage student reflection and ownership of learning after assessments
  • Group students based on interests, ability, CFA results, and/or learning styles
  • Use self-correcting and prescriptive digital resources (iReady, Ten Marks, Study Island, etc.)
  • Implement data walls / notebooks, student data trackers, digital portfolios and self-evaluation
  • Provide small group instruction with flexible, data-driven groups
  • Use assessment results to drive lesson planning and design
  • Participate in data discussions based on student learning in PLCs, Grade Level, School and District levels
  • Give assignments based on student need and differentiation
  • Collect data to support MTSS
  • Review item analysis with students after assessments and correct misconceptions

Helpful Resource: Instructional Strategy Cheat Sheet

Need Additional PD Credits?

Share on our EMIS padlet what kinds of things you are doing relating to the M-Powerment Strategies. Remember, participating in the padlet post every month can earn you a PD CEU! Need more information about this- just ask!

Required 2nd Nine week PD

This PD Centers around providing a rigorous curriculum for students. Everyone has signed up for what "Flipped" activity they want to pursue, so please let Tara know if you need help or have questions.

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