Points of Pride

September 3, 2018

Instructional Focus:

To ensure students are learning, it is absolutely essential to utilize whole group engagement strategies.

In a traditional setting, when a teacher asks a question, 3 or 4 students will always raise their hands, while the rest of the class will wait on them to answer. As a staff, let's commit to use hand raising for asking questions, not answering them.

Try integrating some of the following ideas with more regularity to ensure that more students are engaged:

1) Use white boards to have students answer questions

2) Use manipulatives for students to prove their answers and show you (this is critical in math!--If you are teaching the intervention Math group, I would encourage you to do this with fidelity-No Worksheets for this group)

3) RAFT Writing

4) Partner Share or Small group discussion

5) Use a Thinking Map to explain something

6) Here are a bunch more ideas: Active Engagement Strategies (some of these don't give a full description, but if you are interested in one, Google the name of it)

Upcoming Events:

  • Week of 9/3: Focus on the Brace Map
  • 9/4: Brace Map Review with Heather @7:45
  • 9/5: 2:15 Release-PLC; Cookie Dough Fundraising due; Progress Reports home
  • 9/6: Leadership Team @ 7:30; Vision Screenings from 10:00-12:00 (only applies to some students/grade levels)
  • 9/7: Grandparents Day Breakfast 7:45
  • Week of 9/10: Focus on the Flow Map
  • 9/10: Flow Map Review with Heather @ 7:45
  • 9/11: New Certified staff to SPE Meeting: @ 7:30
  • 9/12: 2:15 Release-PLC
  • 9/13: PTSO/Dad's Club Meeting @ 7:00
  • 9/14: PTSO Social-Party like it's 1999 Dance @5:30-7:30