A Flamingo In Love

By: Sophia Lee

Who am I?

Hey It's KimBob the flamingo here! I'm looking for someone to fill in the other half of my heart. I've been waiting forever, but today I'm finally putting my foot down. My ex boyfriend Alfred the Toucan said that he liked dancing with me since "Twocan Tango," but he said my singing made his wings fall off. All I sang was "I put my leg up in the air sometimes, singing ayo, I'm a flamingo," but that didn't turn out well and he broke up with me:( Anyway, I don't give a flock on what he says and I'm advertising myself for someone else. After all, my feathers and wings are a pretty pink. Most importantly, I'm warm-blooded which means I have a kind heart. Last, although I have two legs, I like to balance on one to show off. Well, that's enough about me. I'm ready to flamingle now!

My Dream Date

Although, I'm ready to flamingle with anyone, a Koala would be my dream date. They have all the necessary koalafications! I personally think that their grey fur will match my pink feathers perfectly. Also, they have double the limbs I do, since their a mammal. I mean, 4, that's a lot. Two arms and legs can really come in handy. The best part is that they're warm blooded, so they must be hotttttttt, like me of course. They probably give top-koality bear hugs, plus allow koala-ty time for bonding. Who wouldn't want to date someone with these koalities? That's enough with the puns. So, if you're a Koala......hint hint Kimbob will be waiting!

Who to Contact

Don't forget to contact if you're interested!
Have You Ever Seen a Flamingo Fly?

This video is a little about myself:)