Recorder Karate!!

...become a recorder karate black belt!

Here we go....

It's time for third graders to begin their fun with recorders! Your child is coming home this week with a brand new recorder, a book full of songs and an itch to make some music. You're welcome. :)

Please label the recorder and the case!

Please, help your child put his/her name on the recorder and the case if he/she plans to use the case regularly. Everybody's recorder is the same and it can be confusing if everything is not clearly labeled. They've been told that they can be as creative as they would like while marking their recorders, as long as we can easily identify each individual's recorder/case.

Click here to find on-line resources for practicing!

Parents! Here is a web site that will help your student practice. They can use an interactive fingering chart and access audio files that will help them prepare for belt tests. The username is "karate" and the password is "rubric."

Don't forget your recorder! You'll need it every time you have music class!