6 Traits of Writing

Write Tools

We will be creating a flyer portraying the 6 traits of writing.

You must include:

1. All 6 traits

2. Information on all 6 traits (you can use bullet points or complete sentences with the use of your brochure/notes).

3. Pictures

4. Color

5. Weblinks/youtube videos embeded explaining the traits or writing process or both.

6. Information on the writing process (brainstorming, prewriting including t-table, rough draft, revising, editing, and publishing) and what to do in each step.

7. Information on the color scheme (green, yellow red) and transitions, core 4 topic sentences, conclusions, supporting/detail sentences.

8. Anything else that you feel would be appropriate for this assignment.

What to use:

1. Notes

2. Classmates

3. Computer/Internet search

4. Teacher