The University Research Project

Which is the best university for me?


To find out which university is best for me, keeping in mind several different types of criteria. Once we complete some matrix multiplication, the total scores of different universities will be released. The lowest score is the university that matches my needs and requirements the most.

Raw Data

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Class Size

Class size is an important factor at a University, because it possibly determines how much individual attention you receive. For example, if School A has an average class size of 75 people, versus School B that has an average class size of 500 people, you will obviously be given more attention in School A, because there are less students to help. With less students in a class, more individual attention is provided for everyone. It also creates more of a "community" based feeling, rather than being overwhelmed with too much people.

The formula I used for Class Size is X - 80. Let X stand for the Class Size of a particular school. The reason I subtracted 80, is because I believe that 80 people is a fair class size that allows you to have enough attention from the Professor, without getting lost "in the crowd."

Entrance Mark Requirement

Entrance Mark Requirement is no doubt important, because it shows the mark I will need to obtain in order to be considered for acceptance. It also sometimes shows the standard at which the university is looking for. Obviously, high mark requirements mean the university has really high standards and is only looking for the best and the brightest, and vice versa.

The formula I used for Entrance Mark Requirement is X - 80. Let X stand for the Entrance Mark Requirement of a particular school. The reason I subtracted 80, i because I believe that 80% is a reasonable mark requirement, since it's not really easy to get, yet it's not almost unattainable either. It makes it challenging but not too easy.

Parental Rating

Parental Rating is somewhat useful to know, because it tells me where my parent's would prefer me to go. Although it's the last thing I take into consideration, it's still respectful to understand and give consideration into their thoughts and preferences. For this reason, I did not use any formula.

Acceptance Percentage

Acceptance Percentage is crucial to know, because it shows the difficulty of getting into a particular school. It the percentage is high, then it means that it's a little bit easier to get accepted, whereas if the percentage is low, then it is hard.

The formula I used for Acceptance Percentage is X - 75. Let X stand for the Acceptance Percentage of a particular school. The reason I subtracted 75, is because a 75% acceptance rate makes it moderately less difficult, while still having a higher standard.

School Population

School Population is really important to know, because it lets you know the type of environment that you will be exposed to. High populated schools tend to obviously have high class sizes, which may result in less "individual" attention from the professors. Smaller schools will have smaller class sizes that will result in more "individual" attention from professors. Also, the population of a school will also determine how crowded or busy the campus will usually be.

The formula I used for School Population is X - 20,000. Let X stand for the Population of a particular school. The reason I subtracted 20,000 is because a school with a population of 20,000 students seems like an ideal population for me. It's not "too big," yet not "too small." I still want to go to a "busy" campus, yet I don't want it to be too overcrowded. I don't want to get lost "in the crowd."

Matrix Multiplication

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After looking at the results, it turns out that the university that is most suited towards my preferences, is Queen's since it has the lowest total. My equation works so that the school with the lowest total, is the school that is most favourable.