Filippino Lippi

By: Patrick Munley

His Life

Filippino was born in 1459 in Prato, Italy. His father, who is Filippo Lippi, was a great painter and taught him as much as he could in the ten years they had together. Filippo sadly died when Filippino was only ten so Fra Diamante took over teaching him until 1472. Then he got a apprenticeship with Botticelli. He learned so much with Botticelli and then got a patron by the name of Lorenzo de Medici. This was in Florence and he became a very well known painter there.

His Artwork

With his patron he was able to do many projects and painting.He painted the Madonna with Saints, Adoration of the Magi and The Virgin and Child. Along with those he painted frescoes in many churches including the Strozzi Chapel in Florence and San Michele at Lucca church and even at the Medici villa. His artwork has humanism and naturalism in it. It has humanism because most express human emotion and friendships. They focus a lot about people. They also have naturalism because he painted people and items the way they are accually in the world so he includes every detail and doesn't add or leave out anything. He was considered one of the greatest artists during the time but died on April 18, 1504 in Florence, Italy.
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Adoration of the Magi

This piece was created by Flippino and is called the Adoration of the Magi. He created this in 1496. This piece is significant because it shows the just born Jesus Christ being visited by the magi. This helps people who couldn't see this, look at the painting and get a feel for what it was like. The new techniques of humanism, perspectivism and naturalism are in this painting. I believe humanism is the most important "ism" in this piece because it is all about the people and their emotions. Baby Jesus is being worshiped and all the people and magi have deep emotions towards him and are expressing them. I find this very interesting because I am Catholic so I believe in Jesus, Mary, Joseph and the magi. It is also almost Christmas and that is when Jesus was born and closly following that is when this painting occurred.


This artwork has a lot of different main ideas and points to focus on. The main focus is baby Jesus in the middle being held by the Virgin Mary with Saint Joseph standing behind. They have glowing halos over their heads to signify that they are holy. Another focus point is the Magi are here to greet the new Lord and give him gifts to show him honor. The people all around came to gather and take in this amazing moment. Lastly is the manger slightly behind them where Jesus was born and far behind is forest, water, mountains and a whole bunch more people who have or are going to meet the baby.


Today this piece is located in the Uffizi art gallery in Florence because that is where Filippino did most of his work. This picture can be found on the internet and in many art and religious books. To see this picture and read a bit about it and Filippino you can visit The Web Gallery of Art online and Art and the by clicking the links below. Don't forget it is in the Uffizi art gallery in Florence to see it in real life.
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