Dolphin Dispatch

Week of January 4, 2016

A Word from Ms. Haynes

Welcome to 2016!! The start of a new year is a time of reflection for many people from all walks of life. As we move into this new season for our school year, you are encouraged to reflect upon the first part of the school year and think about adjustments you can make to your instructional practice to move your students forward.

We need to move with a renewed sense of purpose and direction, allowing data to drive our decisions and fuel our passion. Trust your professional judgment, seek help and assistance from your team, any member of the support team, or administration --- we are in this TOGETHER!

As we journey to hear Marcia Tate on Friday, let’s go with a commitment to come back and apply that knowledge within our classrooms to create engaging lessons for our students--making THEM passionate about learning. All teachers are expected to be in attendance unless you have spoken with administration. A choice of one of Ms. Tate's book will be ordered for everyone in attendance.

Have an AMAZING week!!!

From Good to GREAT....Hedgehog Concept

We enter 2016 continuing to focus on Jim Collins' book From Good to GREAT. I have already covered Level 5 Leadership; First Who, Then What; and Confront the Brutal Facts. This week, I want you to think about the difference between a fox and a hedgehog. Without taking up too much of your time, foxes are sleek, witty, and very cunning. The hedgehog on the other hand, is slow and quiet.

Yet one thing the hedgehog is very good at is defending itself. Like the hedgehog, you must find the one thing YOU are good at and do it well. This requires an assessment of three things:

Understand what YOU are TRULY passionate about in your line of work
  • What drives you in the work you do?
  • What inspires you about the purpose of Welleby Elementary?
  • Do you subscribe to the vision and mission of Welleby Elementary?

Identify what we do better than anyone else
  • What can we do better than the neighboring Sunrise schools?
  • What academic area is our greatest strength?
  • What academic area do we need more work on?
  • What are YOUR strengths in the classroom/on your team?
  • What can YOU do to move our organization forward?

Understand our "economic" engine

  • What gives us the biggest bang for our buck?
  • How can we generate success as measured by student achievement?
  • Can we become a leading elementary school in Sunrise? in Broward?
  • Do we have the vision and passion to follow through and do what it takes?

Once we look deeply at these three concepts, we need to find that overlapping area (think Venn Diagram) and it is this point that will be that central vision to guide our organization. But all begins with PASSION--do you have the passion inside of you that is necessary to move Welleby to the next phase?
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The Week Ahead

January 6th:
  • PK-2nd Grade Award Pictures

January 7th:

  • 3rd-5th Grade Award Pictures
  • PLC Meetings

January 8th:
  • NO SCHOOL: Planning Day
  • Marcia Tate Workshop

Happy Birthday To You....

Marcia Tate Workshop

Friday, Jan. 8th, 8am-3pm

700 Northeast 13th Avenue

Pompano Beach, FL

Lunch may be on your own. There are many places close by for lunch: Chick-Fil-A; Pollo Tropical; Panera Bread; pizza places. Will let you know in advance how much time you will have for lunch.

Coming Soon.....

January 11th:
  • Anti-Bullying Assemblies

January 12th:
  • Leadership Team Meeting

January 13th:

  • Meetings: PTA, NESS, and PLC

January 14th:
  • Opera Assemblies: Encourage students to dress up

January 15th:
  • Dolphin Depot: PK-2nd Grades
  • PTA Fundraiser: No Uniform Day