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By: Janelisse Colon

Teen gang incident gone wrong!

What happen in this dangerous incident?

Two boys Johnny and Ponyboy were just laying in the lot gazing at the stars having a perfectly fine conversation. Nothing was wrong besides what had happened earlier but they were already calm smoking a cigarette. Later came two socs drunk out of there mind to come bother the two greasers and of course this is when the situation kind of got out of hand.

Everyone knows that no greaser and no soc get along so the socs always jump them so that's what this was leading to but instead they grabbed ponyboy and started to drown his face into the fountain, Ponyboy trying to gasp for air but he couldn't and the "puppy" of the gang came and got his switchblade and killed Bob the soc drowning ponyboy, once pony had realized once had happened that's when they decided to make a run for it.

No one has seen them since and there still yet to be found.