Want a safe night out?

Safer Oslo is here to help!

Feel safe. Be safe.

We are a group of volunteers that are dedicated to making sure you have a fun night out while feeling safe!

We offer:

  • A dedicated volunteer to accompany you and your friends for the duration of the night.

  • A safe feeling at all times.

  • Protection from suspicious individuals and people with bad intentions.

  • Pick up and drop-off from anywhere in Oslo, including train- and bus stops.

  • The choice of adding the volunteer to your evening or having him/her stay in the area, whilst not invading your night out.

  • Full details on the volunteer before you meet.

  • All this completely FREE*

We work with a non-violence policy. In the case of an emergency, the safety of your friends and you is the main priority. The volunteer will do everything possible to ensure that safety without resorting to violence of any kind, unless absolutely necessary.

Our volunteers are under no circumstances permitted to consume alcohol or drugs during the night.

If you, at any point during the night, no longer wish for the volunteer to remain with you, we ask that you sign a paper stating that you asked the volunteer to leave you and he is therefor no longer responsible for you or your friends safety.

*We do ask that you provide the volunteer with some drinks during the evening, this is completely OPTIONAL and the performance of the employee will not be affected by this.