Parkway Library Happenings


Check It Out!

Parkway students have been reading a lot of books. Each week in library students have the opportunity to pick out books that they want to read. Grades 1-3 can check out two books each week. They are encouraged to take one just-right chapter book and the second is free choice. K4 and K5 students select one book each week.

Grade 3 - Independence

Third grade students are learning more about the online card catalog and the organization of resources in the Parkway Library. This will allow them to independently search and locate the resources that they want. Soon students will have their own Destiny logins, so that they can take control of their library experience. Accessing their account on Destiny will allow them to know which books they still have checked out and allow them to create lists of books that they need for a project or want to read for pleasure!

Grade 2 - Fiction Side of the Library

Students have been learning about Parkway Library's fiction side. The fiction side of the library includes the EVERYBODY section, the READER section and the FICTION section. Students have been learning about the call numbers for the books that live on the fiction side of the library and practice alphabetical order with various games on the computer.

We have also been learning about "sharing" the iPads as we take a fun, online quiz with Kahoot! to see how well we know our call numbers for the fiction side of the library!

Visit and navigate to "Grade 2" page to find the practice games.

Grade 1 - Class FLIP books

Grade 1 is enjoying Laura Numeroff books and had a chance to visit her website for fun, games and to learn more about her silly characters.

Also, students created their own pages for their class online FLIP book. Click on your child's teacher's name to enjoy!

Note: Pages were scanned on the copier, then uploaded to Youblisher to create the flip books. Tool is free, but requires you to create a login.

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Kindergarten ABC's

K5 students are having fun singing their ABC's! We are starting to look at some great ABC books and activities in library.