A Night Divided

Megan B.


A Night Divided is an amazing story about a girl named Gerta who had the courage to do something no one else ever would have done.

Gerta is a 12 year old girl who finds her family separated by the Berlin Wall. Her mother, her oldest brother, Fritz, and herself are trapped on the east side of the wall. But her father and her other older brother are on the west side of the wall.

She misses them terribly but can't see them because she is trapped in East Berlin. And if she tries to escape and gets caught, she will be killed.

Then one day on Gerta's way to school she sees her father standing on one of the viewing towers on top of the wall. He was doing a dance that he used to do for Gerta all of the time. A few days after Gerta saw her father she received a drawing from him. Gerta figured out that her father wanted her and Fritz to dig a tunnel out of East Berlin and into West Berlin. This was a very dangerous and deadly thing to attempt but Gerta's family couldn't be separated forever. Will Gerta and her family make it out of East Berlin before they get caught digging the tunnel?

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Today the wall has been torn down, but some parts still remain standing as a memorial of what happened in those horrible years.
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