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Summary of License Renewal Conditions

MDE: Mandatory Requirements for the Renewal of Five-Year Licenses

Shakopee CEU Committee

Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are certified by a local committee of teachers. Shakopee's CEU Committee is charged with overseeing the relicensure process for Shakopee Public Schools certified staff.

Each building has one representative who serves on the district CEU Committee. Committee members review CEU requests and are available to answer your questions about continuing education.

Keep Certified

Shakopee Public Schools use a TIES product called Keep Certified to track CEUs electronically. Keep Certified is used for approving and tracking hours, requesting CEUs, and registering for in-district professional development.

Shakopee staff, login with your full email address. Your password is unique to this site (KC accounts are not linked to district credentials). There is a password retrieval option on the KC site.

Relicensure | General Requirements

MN State Statute stipulates that "verification by the local continuing education/relicensure committee that the applicant has completed 125 approved clock hours is required for renewal" and "clock hours must be earned in two or more of the categories" below. (One clock hour = 1 CEU)

A. Relevant coursework *

B. Educational workshops & conferences

C. Staff development inservices

D. Curriculum development

E. Formal peer coaching or mentoring relationship ***

F. Professional service (e.g., supervising a student teacher) **

G. Leadership experience

H. Diverse educational settings

I. Preapproved work experience

You will earn CEUs in category C through district and building PD. Over a five-year period you need to earn at least one CEU in one additional category.

* 1 quarter credit = 16 CEUs; 1 semester credit = 24 CEUs

** You may request up to 16 CEUs for one semester of student teacher supervision. Submit requests through Keep Certified. A certificate or letter from the college/university is required. Up to 30 hours allowed in a five-year period.

*** Mentors may awarded 10 hours per year by the Department of Teaching & Learning. Do not submit requests through Keep Certified. Up to 30 hours allowed in a five-year period.

Relicensure | Required PD Areas

Clock hours must include professional development activities in each of the following areas. The district is not obligated to provide PD in these areas; however, currently all requirements may be met through after-school professional development activities offered periodically throughout the school year.

  1. activities which address positive behavioral intervention strategies and
  2. accommodation, modification, and adaptation of curriculum, materials, and instruction to appropriately meet the needs of varied students in achieving graduation standards [i.e., differentiation]
  3. activities which address further preparation in understanding the key warning signs of early-onset mental illnesses in children and adolescents and knowledge of steps to be taken if such warning signs are observed
  4. activities which evidence further reading preparation [literacy]
  5. activities that integrate technology effectively with student learning to increase engagement and student achievement [not 'how to' use technology]
  6. evidence of growth in best teaching practices for meeting the needs of English learners (effective August 2015)

Please ask your CEU Committee representative if you need clarification about these requirements. Use Keep Certified to track your hours, categories, and progress.

Pay attention to requirement areas and try to meet the requirements BEFORE your renewal year! Education Minnesota is a wonderful FREE source of courses especially if you renew in 2016. The PREP Center (District 287 in Plymouth) offers affordable online options for required areas. SORLA is a district-sponsored summer PD event with many different sessions meeting license requirements. Also look for information about Shakopee SEA PD Institute nights.

Refer to statute below for more details about licensure renewal.

Statute 8710.7200 CLOCK HOURS

MN Office of the Revisor of Statutes: Requirements for renewal of professional licenses

Local CEU Requirements | Literacy Hours

Local CEU Committees are granted latitude in determining the number of hours required for renewal in each area. Currently Shakopee requires one hour in areas 1-4 and up to 15 hours in literacy preparation, dependent on your area of licensure (not your current teaching position):

  • 15 hours for anyone holding a license in Early Childhood, Elementary Education, Special Education, ESL, Language Arts, English, or Reading.
  • 10 hours for other Licensed Secondary (math, social studies, etc.) EXCEPT:
  • 5 hours for anyone holding a license in Art, Music, PE, Technology Education, FACS without one of the preceding licenses.
  • Exempt for non-teaching positions (nurse, speech, counselor, etc.)
Statute 122A.06 Literacy Requirement

MN Office of the Revisor of Statutes: Comprehensive, scientifically-based reading instruction

Suicide Prevention Requirement (2017)

Beginning August 2017 all teachers wishing to renew their license will be required to have an additional one hour of suicide prevention in order to renew a professional five year teaching license. (2016 Minnesota Session Laws, Chapter 189, Article 24, Section 1, Subdivision 4, Paragraph N)

English Learners Requirement (2016)

"Relicensure applicants... must present to their local [CEU] committee evidence of work that demonstrates professional reflection and growth in best teaching practices, including among other things, practices in meeting the varied needs of English learners, from young children to adults."
MN Board of Teaching Statement

"Continuing education committees must ensure that the reflective statements provided by all teachers for the purposes of licensure renewal include evidence of growth in this area (EL)."

Relicensure | Reflective Statement

"As a condition of relicensure, [applicants] must present to their local continuing education and relicensure committee... evidence of work that demonstrates professional reflection and growth in best teaching practices."

Submit reflective statements through Keep Certified anytime within the year of renewal.

To complete this requirement:

  • Write a one-page reflection on one or more of the training opportunities you have attended and how it has impacted your teaching, student achievement, time with students, or job performance. Per above statute, include evidence of growth in meeting needs of English learners.
  • Access Keep Certified and choose Request CEU's.
  • Choose Category 'z: No CEU Credit' and check the box for State Requirement 'Reflective Statement.'
  • Enter 'Reflective for [Your Name]' for title, today's date, and '0' for hours.
  • In the Brief Description box, paste the text of your one-page reflection.
    Please do not upload your reflection as an attached file.

District & Building PD

All district activities will be entered into Keep Certified by instructors or administrators. Please do NOT make CEU Requests through Keep Certified for district professional development events.

External PD & Coursework

All out of district CEUs MUST include the attached evidence in PDF format. The CEU Committee cannot approve CEUs without evidence in the form of certificate of completion, transcript copy, etc. Any required PD area (literacy, etc.) MUST be determined by the event organizer and specifically marked on the evidence.

TIES classes are the only exception. TIES instructors will take attendance directly through Keep Certified and the CEU Committee will approve those hours without a request from the attendee.

Please note that state statute grants CEU Committees authority to determine whether requests meet criteria established in the rules. "A local committee shall not grant clock hours for experiences that are primarily for personal rather than professional improvement or for experiences that duplicate other granted clock hour experiences without new or enhanced professional development value."

New to Shakopee? Transferring CEUs

  1. If you are coming from a district which used Keep Certified, let your CEU representative need know so they can have the hours transferred.
  2. If you are coming from another district in MN and your CEU hours are not reflected in MDE records, you need to contact your previous district CEU committee and request that they submit the hours to MDE.
  3. If you are coming from another state, contact your CEU representative once school starts and they will take care of your records as a committee.

Any other questions? Contact your CEU representative!