Consumer Bill of Rights

By: Luke Walker

Consumer Bill of Rights

Be informed: The right to be informed states that the supplier gives enough information for the consumer to make an iteligent and accurate purchase.

So if the pasta gives you a possibility of a heart attack then you have the right to know about it.

Choose: The right to choose is when you as a consumer have the right to choose any product and to choose the company it was made by.

So if the store only has one brand or one type of pasta you can go to another store to by the pasta you need.

Be heard: This right means the costumer has a right to voice a complaint an have the problem dealt with effectively and responsibly.

So if all the pasta noodles are broken or the package was opened and you complain to the store they have to deal with it accurately and apropertly.

Education: This part of the bill states that the consumer has the proper knowledge knowledge and skills to make an accurate choice.

So if the product has no landing then you don't have to buy it.

Service: This part of the bill states better service for the consumer.

So if there is a comers has on for a new car and it doesn't list.

Safety: This part of the bill states you are protected against proudest that are hazard is to your health and your life.

So you are protected against sop that expired a month ago and still on the shelves.

Consumer bill of rights

Thursday, Dec. 17th, 1:45pm

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