My Genius

I am important to this world because I am a great friend. I will always be there for somebody when they need me. I am the mother of my three dogs, who I love to death. Without me they wouldn’t have anybody that showers them with as much love as I do. I am a sister, who’s younger brothers admire, and older brother is proud of. I am a daughter whose parents depend on more than any of the other kids. I am a cousin, who everybody loves spending time with and calling their favorite. I am trustworthy, I am the type of person who people can depend on for anything and I won’t let them down. I am honest, I will never lie to anyone who I respect.

Without me a lot of peoples lives would be changed. I am the person everyone wants to be around because I have a positive attitude. I am generous. I am hilarious, I’m always either smiling or laughing. I can make people their happiest when they’re the saddest. I will try my hardest to be the best person I can be to my friends and family. I respect my peers. I always treat other people as they deserve to be treated. I have a big heart, I am the kindest person.

Breaks My Heart

A lot of things break my heart, but if I had to narrow it down I’d pick animal cruelty, bullying. The reason I picked these is because they’re both choices. People choose to treat other people and animals the way they do. Bullying effects somebody’s life which sometimes may lead to horrible things such as homicide and suicide. I don’t think people need to be a certain age to be a bully. As long as they’re cruel to someone to make them feel like they don’t matter, like they’re nothing to this world, I think it’s a horrible thing. For someone who has such a messed up life to put the hurt on others, I think is ridiculous.

Animal cruelty is probably the number one thing I hate the most. I hate this because animals are innocent. When people hurt them it makes me sad because those animals have no idea what’s going on or they don’t know what they did wrong. I understand that people need cows and other animals to live off of and feed people, but the way they kill them just isn’t right, it needs to be more humane. To the people who hurt animals for no reason and have absolutely no purpose, they’re sick. Sometimes I wish people who put animals through that, went through the same things, just so they know what it feels like. Making dog fights is one of the sickest things I have ever heard of. People who make animals fight just so they can get money and entertainment out of it are disgusting human beings.

My Greates Fears

My biggest fear is losing someone who I really close and I love. Like losing a close family member such as my mom or dad or my brothers, my pets, and even my grandma and some of my cousins. I haven’t really lost anybody so close to me. I lost one of my grandmas in 6th grade but I wasn’t as close to her so I didn’t really experience something so devastating.I only met her when I was younger and I would talk to her every once in awhile. I was sad when she passed away and not even being so close to her. So I couldn’t imagine losing someone who I’m really close to.

Losing my parents would be the end of the world for me, they’re my rock. They are the ones who encourage me to be all that I can be. Without them I’m nothing and I could never imagine losing them. Also my brothers, I may argue with them all the time but if I lose one of them I don’t know what I would do because I’ve seen them grow and I’ve grown to love them, if they were to be gone one day I think I’d go to the end of the world to find them. Also my pets, It may sound a little crazy but I treat them like my children, they are everything to me. When I look at them I feel pure love for them and I would never let anything happen to them. I love them like my own children.

My Biggest Dreams

My biggest dream is to become a really well-known makeup artist and a cosmetologist. I want to move back to where I was raised, California. I want to move there because California is the place where people can make their dreams come true. I also love the big cities, the palm trees, and the beach. California would be the perfect place for my dreams to come true because that’s the number one place I would want to move too, and being a cosmetologist would just be amazing. To me that’s my dream life, living in a really nice apartment in a nice area, near the beach and just wake up every morning to go to my dream job. I love doing makeup and hair I could do it all day every day, and that would be the best. Until I get married of course. I also want to have tons of pets as soon as I have a family, because pets are everything to me and they just make me so happy.

I have different dreams, goals, that I want to reach from living with my parents, to moving out to starting my own career, and just simple stuff like that. But when I have a family, my goals will change because it’s not just me who i’m going to be making things happen for. But for now my biggest dream is to just start my career and go to beauty school, and slowly I will make things happen for myself. But that’s only the first step. The last pinnacle I want to reach by myself, is being a well known hardworking cosmetologist and makeup artist. I want to be running my own salon, or working for actors, doing movies, or just be a celebrity makeup artist, I think that would be fun. :)