my technology design cycle report

problem define

the problem is students cannot store there work properly or access to there school work from there house or around the country/world. the evaluation is to some how make the internet more accessible by using a kind of program that you can store your work that you do called managebac. If its on paper, it will be hard for people around the world to see (if you let them access your e-portfolio)

design brief

my design brief is too first investigate and then plan and design then plan create and last of all evaluate it.

definition of e-portfolio

e-portfolio is a electronic folio where students can store information and a collection of evidence . students can talk about anything, and it can also help young adult to improve thier critical thinking and helps them to develop their writing and multimedia skills.

student e-portfolio

lots of students these day are using multimedia such as facebook and twitter but they need to us a e-portfolio properly . students need a portfolio so they can apply there knowledge to show there expression/idea.

Design Specifications

The product you create must:

  • be free
  • electronic and accessible from any device that can be connected to the internet (tablet, smart phone, desktop computer and laptop)
  • be able to store work produced in all classes, i.e. a wide variety of files (images, text, video and sound)
  • contain sections for all MYP subjects, MIA and C&S
  • have a home page that explains both who the student is and an introduction and explanation of the e-portfolio, furthermore, there must be a photo of the student
  • have a good URL &/or Title
  • be professional and academic... not cute, funny, silly, etc.
  • people can access your work(if you allow them)
  • good explanation
  • good grammar

Testing Methods

Explain how this product will be tested.

Explain who will test your product (5 people).

Explain how they will test it (included the criteria which is linked to the design specifications).

Explain when the test will take place.

The Wide Variety of Portfolios

there are a wide variety of portfolios such as a bussinuss portfolio, student portfolio, educational portfolio and.etc.

why student use e-portfolios?

student uses e-portfolio to store there education work that they have acknowledge through out the year

Criterion A: Investigate EVALUATION

0 The student does not reach a standard described by any of the descriptors below.

1 — 2 The student states the problem. The student investigates the problem, collecting information from sources. The student lists some specifications.

3 — 4 The student describes the problem, mentioning its relevance. The student investigates the problem, selecting and analyzing information from some acknowledged sources. The student describes a test to evaluate the product/solution against the design specification.

5 — 6 The student explains the problem, discussing its relevance. The student critically investigates the problem, evaluating information from a broad range of appropriate, acknowledged sources. The student describes detailed methods for appropriate testing to evaluate the product/solution against the design specification.

Who Use Portfolios and Why?

lots of people uses portfolios such as students, teacher, business women/men.ect. e-portfolio help lots becuase all u need is the internet to access all the information that are all around the world.