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August 28, 2020

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For the face-to-face students whose last names begin with A through M, their transition start date will be on Thursday, September 3rd. For the face-to-face students whose last name begin with N through Z, their transition start date will be on Friday, September 4th. All students (virtual and face-to-face) will begin attending classes on Tuesday, September 8th.

This transition day for face-to-face learning will allow our students to begin to learn the new safety protocol routines more easily as well as to ease our students back into the buildings.

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We have some BIG changes with drop off and pick up for car riders. With the increased traffic from the construction on Montgomery Road and the increase in car riders, we realize a back up on Montgomery Road could be dangerous for everyone. Student drop-off and pick up will be in the back of the building by the kindergarten playground. There is a back gate that will be open which will lead you to the playground and parents will exit to the south exit by Dr. Morris’ orthodontist office. To avoid the buses, parents are being asked to drop students off at 9:15 and pick up at 3:30. Please see video below:

August 18, 2020


Student safety is a top priority at MT Elementary. Walkers will not be dismissed until 3:45pm after the car line has cleared the back parking lot. At that time, students who are walkers will report to the bottom of the center stairs and an adult will escort them to the back parking lot where they will meet a parent or guardian.


(Immunization Records, Physician's Exam and Dental Records)

NEW students to the district entering any grade including prekindergarten and kindergarten students need to have current immunization records, physician's exam form and dental exam form in their school health record by the first day of attending the new school year. Please make sure you have submitted the most current forms for your student. This applies to EVERY NEW STUDENT to the district and returning preschool students regardless of whether you are virtual or in person. Click HERE to access the required forms on our website. Feel free to contact the school nurse if you have any questions at


Temperature checks will be done each day for all students as they enter the building. The district purchased scanners which will be positioned at all entrances students enter. If a child has a fever a staff member will accompany them to Nurse Linton and you will be required to come and pick your child up immediately. Guidelines in the Healthy Back to School 2020 Plan will be adhered to all school year.


Open House will be done both virtually and with a drive by! Each teacher will post a short video to their Blackboard site for families to watch. Families are invited to drive by On September 1st and “meet” their teacher as well as drop off your Chromebooks from the spring. We will not be collecting school supplies at this time. A more detailed schedule is listed below.

Meet Your Teacher “Drive Thru” & Chromebook Drop Off

for Face-to-Face Students!

Save the Date: September 1!

Our teachers are looking forward to welcoming students back to school this year! Please join us for our “Drive-Thru” Meet the Teacher and wave “Hello”. If you received a district Chromebook, please place it in your trunk and the staff will retrieve it.

Teachers from each grade level will be out during the following times:

1:00- 1:45- Kindergarten-Front Parking Lot

1:00-1:45- First Grade- Back Driveway

1:00-1:45- Second Grade Front Parking Lot

2:00-2:45- Third Grade- Back Driveway

2:00-2:45 Fourth Grade- Front Parking Lot

Feel free to decorate your car and put your name on the dashboard

Drive Thru” Virtual Learners Material Pick Up

Save the Date: August 31!

Our teachers are looking forward to welcoming students back to school this year! Please join us for our “Drive-Thru” virtual learner material pick up for your child from 2:00-3:00.

Please put your student(s) grade level on the dashboard. Staff will direct you to the correct pickup area. If you have multiple children, you will have to go through each grade level pickup process during the hour.

Materials will be placed in your trunk.


As in the past, we need ALL parents or guardians to log into Final Forms and make any necessary updates. Please remember to sign your forms even if no changes are being made. Also newly added is a Covid-19 Parent Agreement that must be sign before

the school year begins.

Please do this as soon as possible as this will

prevent potential issues or problems that can be addressed before

our return to school in September.

Online Meal Ordering

My Meal Order will not be available for pre-order until September 1st. You will need to place orders for the district transition days on September 1st.

Click Here for How to Order Meals Video

Step 1- Account Setup

1. Go to and create a free account.

2. Enter in your information and create a password. Account information can be edited at


3. Add students you will be ordering meals for.

*Please click subscribe when you are asked if you would like to subscribe. This will allow you to receive email notifications if there is a menu change due to food outages*

Step 2 - Select Meals

1. Meals can be viewed from either the weekly or monthly calendar view.

2. Meal details can be seen for each item by clicking ‘Meal Details."

3. Click ‘Add to Cart' to add meal(s) to your cart. This will add the entire meal to your cart. To see items included in the meal, click 'Meal Details.’

4. To remove from cart, click ‘Remove from Cart.’

Step 3 - Order Online

1. View your cart anytime by clicking the ‘View Cart’ green tab on the right hand side of the


2. Checkout

3. Review Order

4. Place Order

• If payment is expected at the time/location of meal service, or if your child qualifies for free

meals, your total will be $0.00. This is because payment will NOT be taken within My Meal Order. We will handle payment the same as in years past. Money can be put on accounts via parent portal or by sending in cash or check with your student. This year, please send cash or check in an envelope marked LUNCH ACCOUNT and include the student’s name and ID#. This will be sent to the office each morning and collected by the kitchen staff.

We hope you will utilize this online meal ordering software from your Child Nutrition program

regularly. If you have any questions, please reach out to the Child Nutrition Department at (513)-686-1796.



Parents will pre-order breakfast for their students WEEKLY. Orders will need to be placed by Noon the Friday before the next week. Parents are able to order all meals up to a month in advance if they so please.

Example- Mark’s parent(s) would have to place his breakfast order by September 11th at 12:00pm for him to receive a breakfast on September 14th upon arrival to school.

** If Mark does not show up for school, his breakfast will not be charged to his account.

***If Sally, Mark’s classmate, forgets to order breakfast, but needs one the student will let one of the staff members in the cafeteria that morning know and we will get them one.

Upon arrival to school, students who need breakfast will make their way to the cafeteria. Students will sit at the cafeteria at tables, physically distanced, by bus number with other students from their bus. The students who were dropped off will have a designated area to sit as well. Staff members will hand out the pre-ordered breakfast meals to the students.



Parents will pre-order lunch for their student(s) WEEKLY. Orders will need to be placed by Noon the Friday before the next week. Parents are able to order all meals up to a month in advance if they so please. A la carte drinks and snacks will be able to be pre-ordered at this time as well.

Example- Mark’s parent(s) would have to place his lunch order by September 11th at 12:00pm for him to receive a lunch on September 14th.

** If Mark does not show up for school, his lunch will not be prepared that day, and he will not be charged.

Students will be led to the lunchroom by classroom and sit in their assigned spots. Staff on lunch duty, along with a Child Nutrition employee, will help pass out meals to students.

Money- Cash/Checks needs to be sent to school with your student in an envelope marked LUNCH ACCOUNT with the student name and ID#. The student will turn their money into their homeroom teacher and it will all be sent down to the office. Money will be placed on student accounts before lunchtime each day. This is just an additional precaution to keep our students and staff as safe as possible.


All school supply lists are being decreased. Since children aren’t able to share school supplies each child will keep their personal supplies in a covered bin supplied by our Montgomery PTO. We realize many of you purchased the school supplies already but don’t worry! The students will still need all of them, we will just ask you to periodically send in refills. The teacher will let you know when to send refills into school. Below are the adjusted school supply lists for each grade level needed at the start of school. Virtual and face to face class lists are the same.

Click here to access the updated school supply list

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Below are a couple of resources that you may find helpful. Both were made by Behavior Specialist Psychologists at Children’s Hospital Department of Developmental

and Behavioral Pediatrics.

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