Stop School Fighting

Heighten the Punishment Stop The Fights

Involvement: Bystander Effect

When it comes to fights, bystanders are just as INVOLVED as the fighters. Bystanders influence the fighters just by watching because they feel the need to determine the "winner" and are pushed by the attention. In order for the fighting to cease, the school's staff needs to get more INVOLVED. The consequences need to be harsher on the fighters and the bystanders.

Steps to Stop Fighting

How to decrease the Fighting

The consequences need to be increased for fighters, recorders, and the bystanders.

1. Fighters- The fighters should receive ISS ,a parent conference, and depending on the fight's damage a marked time of anger management classes.

2. Recorders- The students who recorded the fight should immediately delete the video and receive saturday school.

3. Bystanders- Those who watched deserve a detention for watching such actions.

Following these steps will help students realize that fighting is not worth these punishments and won't want any involvement ,unless it is a way to stop the fight.

No Fighting Permitted

He stood up for fighting, Would YOU?

School Safety

Keeping our schools safe is a big priority and should be taken seriously... Not following these directions can lead to these affects
Teeth loss
Black eyes
Destruction of school property
Nose bleeds

Law suits

Loss of credibility


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