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One of Europe's three largest suppliers of waste plastic is SITA

SITA is a subsidiary of the Suez based environmental group, which is based in Paris.

Suez environnement is second only to the French Veolia Water Group, the world's second largest water company, has a 120 year history of the world famous enterprise environment.

SITA company exports a lot of waste plastics to China every year, and is one of the three major suppliers of waste plastics in Europe.

Since 2012, the British government announced that it will put the 2017 plastic recovery rate from 32% to 57%, the country's various plastic Greenmax recycling work is orderly manner. In order to better help the British Plastics industry to achieve the above objectives, including the BPF (British Plastics Federation), PAFA (British plastic packaging and Film Association) and the European Association of plastic and other major groups after careful consideration of a project called PIRAP regeneration.

It is reported that the British non-profit organization PIRAP co sponsored by the Wrap regeneration project has successfully attracted 48 major stakeholders from the community, will develop a series of solutions for the British Plastics Recycling industry.

As is known to all, plastic is a valuable resource for use, and a lot of waste plastics can be recycled, and can be used for two times. However, due to the lack of people's awareness of recycling, waste treatment technology is limited, and the global plastic recycling Intco EPS system has not been improved, the current use of a lot of plastic in the use of a waste directly after being sent to landfill for incineration or landfill.

PIRAP project responsible person stressed, as long as the interest groups united brainstorming, improved common waste plastic collection methods, optimization of the plastic garbage treatment facilities, at the same time, the development of terminal market, large amplitude with the goal of improving the rate of utilization of England and the whole Europe and the global plastic waste recycling can quickly achieve.

"In recent years, the United Kingdom has made great progress in plastic waste recycling, the plastic recycling rate is increasing year by year. However, if all stakeholders are able to join the PIRAP project, we believe that the British plastic recycling will be able to set a level." The four major European groups in a statement released a few days ago said.