The PGS Times

February/March 2016

Support Staff of the Year - Mrs. Kim Schrieffer!

By: Mattison L.

Mrs. Schrieffer is our school secretary. Her favorite color is turquoise and her favorite candy is peanut M&M's. The habit she likes to use the most is habit 8 - find your voice. She uses this habit daily as she communicates with students, parents, teachers and administrators! She loves her job because she gets to see students grow up as they move through our school from kindergarten to 5th grade. Thank you Mrs. Schrieffer for all you do for PGS!

Get to Know Students - Kindergarten and 1st grade

By: Mattison L.

KIndergarten student Jamey Metcalf:

Favorite thing to do outside of school - gymnastics

Favorite thing to do at home - play ball

Favorite thing to do at school - make things

Who is your hero? - My sister, Reagan

Favorite habit - synergize!

First grade student Layne Farr:

Favorite thing to do outside of school - play football

Favorite thing to do at home - play video games

Favorite thing to do at school - play tag

Who is your hero? my sister

Favorite habit - think win-win

Meet Our Newest Newspaper Staff Member- Caroline N.

My name is Caroline N. and I am in the fifth grade. I am in Mrs. Gregory’s class. I love to write stories about things I have done. I am so glad that I could do this job because I love to write. I am also a tour guide. One cool fact about me is I am getting my tonsils taken out and I an nervous about how it will feel but excited to eat ice cream. I have 2 younger sisters Elizabeth and Anna Reid. A also have a dog named Lucky and a cat named Stripes. I play the piano, cello, and I love to sing! I love being me!

Leadership Day at PGS!

By: Caroline N.

Leadership Day at PGS was our best one yet! From saying good morning to doing the whip& nae nae our school really use their seven habits. We welcomed bus loads of educators in the gym by singing The World's Greatest. Then Mrs. Rowe’s 4th grade class did the Seven Habits Rap. Then honors chorus did the whip & nae nae. After the whip & nae nae our student body president Maddie Grace P. broke the group up into 12 groups and let the tour guides take over. Several students shared information about their school leadership positions and groups also got to see classroom demonstrations. Then we repeated this prosses again with another bus load. Leadership was a success and as a student I am very proud to be a part of PGS!

Leader in Me - PGS Lighthouse School

Valentine's Day Parties - What was your favorite part of the day?

By: Walker J.

David Sorensen 4th grade: Food!

Ava-Reese Painter 1st grade: The video we got to watch

Chloe Clark 3rd grade: passing out the candy

Isabel Helms 2nd grade: Food!

Easton Weaver Kindergarten: Candy!

5th Grade Jr. Beta Club Induction

By: Kaylee W.

The day of January 29, 2016 was a big day for some of the 5th grade students with a 3.5 grade point average. At 8:30 AM these students either spoke or listened to speeches. Mrs. Crumpton’s daughter Kathryn said some beautiful words that definitely inspired me! Mrs. Sumeral called out over 40 individual names of each student being inducted into the Jr. Beta Club. After his or her name was called Mrs. Million handed him or her a certificate then Mrs. Gregory put the Beta Club pin on him or her. After all names were called every student that was being inducted raised their right hand and recited the Beta Club pledge. I am sure every student that was inducted that day will live up to what is expected out of every Beta Club member, and will remember that moment for the rest of their lives.