CAE and CPE preparation online

Prepare for the highest-level Cambridge certificates online

Complete online preparation for Cambridge exams

Studying online is a reality nowadays. You can get a bachelor's or master's degree online, do most of a teaching diploma such as the DELTA or the Trinity Dip... and now you can also prepare for the most important language certificates for teachers in the world. From home or from work, at any time.

How does it work?

Every Monday (starting on July 29, 2013), new materials will be made available on the Moodle site. Weekly materials will include:

- a video class
- vocabulary & grammar development activities (one area of vocabulary and of grammar per week)
- weekly phonology work (pronouncing verbs in the past, connected speech, stress etc.)
- exam skills development activities (sub-skills of reading, listening, writing - punctuation, coherence, cohesion etc. - and more!)
- speaking practice: you record yourself and send it to your tutor; real examples of speaking tasks in video for you to watch; Skype speaking practice every 15 days.
- weekly mocks of exam papers
- unlimited access to course tutor(s) by email and/or Skype.

And much more!

Each module of the courses lasts for 20 weeks. CAE is a two-module course, and CPE has three modules; however, you will receive constant feedback and will know exactly when it's time to sit the exam.

How do I take part?

The first step is a placement test, which consists of a piece of writing (email) and an interview via Skype.

The investment for either course is:

- six installments (July to December) of R$ 200,00*

The courses start on July 29 and finish in the week starting on December 8.

For more information or to schedule your placement test, please write to or talk to me on Skype: teacherhigor.

*special prices for schools

Course books used

Tutor in charge: Higor Cavalcante

Higor Cavalcante has been in ELT for over 14 years. He's worked for some of the biggest language schools in Brazil as a teacher, teacher trainer, director of studies and teaching consultant. He is now a freelance teacher & teacher trainer based in São Paulo, Brazil, and has three ELT-related blogs, one of which deals exclusively with language development for teachers: (from May 30). His main interests in ELT are teacher development, language development for teachers and extensive reading. He holds, among others, Cambridge CPE and CELTA, and is presently working on his Trinity DipTESOL. He also works as a speaking examiner for Cambridge exams from KET to CPE.