VCR Lesson 5 Presentation

Daisy Lane

Soldiers can move through the __________ of the military the lowest being an Army Private and the highest being Major General.
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The Word


1. n. a step-like formation of troops, ships, or aircraft

2. n. A level of command or authority

Its Roots

Scala <L. "steps," "stairs," "ladder"

Scando, Scandere, Scandi, Scansum <L. "to climb"


lavel, rank, step, formation


disorder, random

Fun Facts!

ECHELON was originally the name of a secret government code name. It was created to monitor military and diplomatic communications of the Soviet Union during the Cold War.

An echelon formation in the military has units arranged diagonally.

The name echelon comes from the French word échelon which means the rung of a ladder.

The formation as given this name because it mimics the rungs of a ladder when you see it from below.

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2015 U.S.N. Blue Angels

start at 16:16

Choose the sentence in which the word is use incorrectly

a) The Blue Angels fly in well-known echelons for many occasions.

b) Dwight was excited when he was promoted to the echelon of Assistant Regional Manager.

c) Daisy used the echelon to reach the top-shelf in her room.

d) Linda reached the highest echelon in the company when she became CEO.

The answer is C because its using echelon as a stepping stool when it really means a step-like formation.