Week of September 19-23, 2014

Ice Cream Social!

The kindergarten teachers hosted an ice cream social on Thursday to encourage family time and to introduce their new playground and learning area. It was a great time and they had more than 170 people attend! A huge thanks to all who helped with the event!! (Including the weatherman!)

Warrior Walk-A-Thon!!

Congratulations to everyone on another outstanding walk-a-thon event!! Our PTO did another great job of organizing this event and making sure it was a lot of fun for every participant. It was a huge success!!


MONDAY--Jim McMillan Here!!
  • 7:35--CLASS Support Team--Meet with Jim in the Conference Room
  • 1:45--Staffing for Case Conference--Sara's Office

TUESDAY--Jim McMillan Here!! Mid-term Ends!

  • 7:35--RTI--Team Two--Conference Room


  • 7:35--SMART Start--Review of the College and Career Ready STandards for English Language Arts--Meet with your grade level team. Special Area teachers-meet in the conference room.
  • 9:30--Kris and Christie in meeting
  • 2:00--Staffing for case conference


  • 7:35--Grade Level Team Meetings--Please make sure your notes from the meeting are put into the folder on drive!
  • Girls Basketball Game--home vs., Milford

FRIDAY--Kris in Indy all day for Early Foundations Meeting

  • Fourth Grade Field Trip!
  • Team Time for Grade 3--Meet in the Conference Room--agenda will be provided.