how does poverty affect our community?


The state of being extremely poor

non profit organizations

  • ONE campaign
  • Shot@life
  • Unicef
  • Partners in Health
  • Give Well
  • Global Giving
  • CARE
  • Life in Abundance
  • International Rescue Committee
  • The Borgen Project
All 10 of these amazing organizations raise money for this amazing cause and then have volunteers that go out everyday and help many. Every single one of these companies do not make a penny. they go out and give them food, water, clothing, and even education.

Different Sides of Poverty

Culture of Poverty

One point of view is the culture of poverty theory. This theory is basically explaining poverty as certain cultural attitudes that discourage economic success are passed from one generation to the next. This theory was found within poor communities. According to this theory, the culture of poverty does not generally include values such as community service, hard work, and self-improvement.

Situational Poverty Theory

Another point of view is the situational theory. This theory takes a different view, focusing on the economic and social conditions that cause poverty rather than on individual attitudes and behavior. According to situational theory, children living in such an environment have little exposure to the job market and as a result they grow up not prepared to take advantage of economic opportunities that may arise. This comes from people that are not living in poverty that have a caring aspect.

The Lazy Poverty Theory

However some people don’t look at poverty as being inherited they look at poverty as they didn’t try.This is called the lazy poverty theory. What I mean by that is some people in today's world are a little more harsh and look at poverty as if it’s the peoples fault that are living in poverty. Some of their reasons on why its their fault would be they don’t try to work or even they did this to themselves so they have to live with it. See that’s not the case in all stories. Some people did not try and just gave up on themselves but also other people were born into this lifestyle and cant get out of this horrible state of living.

Stories of Poverty

back round information

In the US whites tend to be better off in the since that we are native to this country, we know people, we grew up walking these streets, going to these shops, and rubbing elbows with many of the same people every day. Native born citizens generally get paid more than immigrants. Men are statistically better off than women though over time it is changing to where women and men are looked at more equally. Tests were ran in 2008. These tests revealed that men were much harder hit in economic down fall than women were. The numbers showed the vast majority of jobs were lost by men. However in the years that followed these men were hard hit by the economy. The men rebounded and dusted their shoulders off faster than the women did. By 2012 the unemployment for both male and female both hovered


~ Inheritance

~ poor judgment

~ not careful

~ giving up

~ laziness

~ bankrupycie


~ easily harmed

~ no protection

~ horrible things are prone to happen


In conclusion poverty is a very horrible yet versatile issue in this world. it is spread all across the world and it can come to you as easy as a disease. Poverty affects our community by hurting many. It doesn't only hurt the people in poverty but also the community around because as a community we stick together through thick and thin. it can hurt our community because of the people in it, having loved ones in it, having to try to help and donate to having them out of poverty, financially, and even to see people in poverty as we walk down the road.