Rugby in Rovigo

By : Mainwaseh

Rugby Rovigo Delta

The Rugby Rovigo Delta team were founded in 1935, but weren't well known until 2010. They became one of the strongest sides of Italy and won 11 titles between the years of 1951 and 1990. As of 2013, Rugby owns about 1,024 clubs in Italy. This sports is played by both male and/or female which makes it even more popular but isn't as popular as Calcio (soccer).
Rugby is a fun but fast paced sport.Rugby can lead to all sorts of health benefits like cardiovascular fitness and endurance, strength in upper and lower body,agility, speed, ball handling/ kicking skills, weight loss and lots more. Here are steps to playing Rugby:

Step1: You must be in a running shape because the matches are about 80 minutes long and you basically run throughout the entire game.

Step2: Get fit and warmed up before every game to wake up your muscles

Step3: Work on your endurance, because Rugby is a non-stop game

Step4: In Rugby there are two main positions, which are the forward and backward (this position is for someone with quickness) position. Find which one you fit into.

Step5: Passing and catching because the modern game is all about passing. The ball is faster than you so let the ball do the work. Dropping the ball can immediately stop a formerly successful play, so make sure you have the skills not to fumble the ball.

Step6: Don't be afraid

Step7: Have RESPECT