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Case Study: Remodel>Reuse + One Woman's Trash...

Case Study: Client Remodel

I was so happy to get a call from someone who is remodeling her entire home and was thisclose to calling 1-800-junk even though she really did not want to. She was overwhelmed in many ways and needed a partner to let some light in so she could get things out. She was trapped in grief over the loss of two parents and was having difficulty discerning what to keep and what to send off. Why was she keeping her father's illness-specific brochures? How could she get her mother's stunning antique pieces into the right hands and would anyone want her assorted lamps, tchachkes and clothes?

Still, she knew NOT to call that number and called mine instead and a fabulous partnership was born.

Here is a quick review of where her things are going:

· I contacted HIAS on her behalf. They will be picking up assorted furniture and housewares to furnish new homes for new immigrants.

· A local auctioneer I work with will be taking quite a few things to auction.

· My Buy-Nothing posts on Facebook have had items repurposed or re-used!

· I drop things off at the thrift shops regularly.

· Her bras went to I Support the Girls who gives them directly to women in shelters. Her concert t-shirts are being made into a quilt and her clothes will help women getting back into the work force.

· We set up areas in her basement so she can flow and sort things without me:

~ Electronics Recycling

~Thrift Shop/Buy Nothing

~ Books for Library Resale


~ Auctioneer

Did I mention that I am having a blast and that I love giving a new life and purpose to almost a full home’s worth of items?

Here’s what my beloved client said to me last week:

You have been a godsend and I am so grateful. I was stuck in my grief and could not do this. Now I can say goodbye to things that were really giving me pain – why was I keeping my dad’s meds? Records? Now I can honor his life and not be stuck in his death. I was immobile in my own house and now I am ready to make it happy again. Thank you.

Thank YOU, dear client.

Client Comments

Thanks to my clients for the privilege of sharing time and organizing space together. I especially love the stories that arise while we work and thank you for sharing them with me. You can my client's thoughts here.

Where to Donate Things

Here is a list of places in the Philly area. Please feel free to send me resources that you bump into. Keep in mind that churches, synagogues, HIAS and others often have clothing drives this time of year.

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