What's the Rules?

Scoring Runs

You score runs by either getting the ball over the boundary, or by running between the wicket. If the ball goes over the boundry and doesn't touch the floor before going over the boundary, you get 6 runs. If you hit it over the boundary, but it bounces before it reaches it, you get 4 runs.

If you hit the ball and it doesn't go to the boundary, however many times you and your batting partner run up the wicket is how many runs you get.

How You Can Be Out

You can be out in lots of different ways. You can be caught, bowled, stumped or run out. If you hit the ball and somebody catches it, you are out. If you go to play a shot and the ball hits the stumps and knocks the bailes off, you are out. If you are out of your crease and the wicket keeper has the ball, they can knock off the bailes and you would be out. Or you could be running between the wickets and if you don't get back to your crease in time, you can be run out.
Cricket Bowling at its Best!!! Wickets Flying

Umpiring Signals

Putting your index finger up shows that somebody is out. If you put bout arms out to the side it signals a wide. If you put your right arm up to the side, it signals a no ball.