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BMW released direct-injection turbo engine

Germany's BMW in the 76th Geneva Motor Show (76th International Geneva Motor Show, March 2, 2006 - the 12th open to the public) published a 3.0L straight six-displacement spray guide (Spray-guided) direct injection turbo engine.

BMW is expected to be published models equipped with this engine, held in April at the New York Auto Show, turbocharger and also announced the launch date. • German Daimler Chrysler company also issued guidance on the Geneva Motor Show the spray direct injection engine, but BMW's engine uses stoichiometric mix (Stoicheio) direct injection method using ordinary three-way catalyst, using the theoretical mixing rather than lean-burn approach to work.

BMW at the May 2005 meeting of the Technical Forum in Tokyo describes the future direction of the spray guided direct injection engine, said that the future will always be developed through the use of lean combustion turbine to the engine, and the engine is along forward in this direction during development.

Spray guide rather than lean burn mode reason was able to get better than wall-guided direct injection (Wall-guided) of combustion. Wall-guided approach is injected in the intake stroke, the fuel will be attached to the cylinder wall and the piston, so the combustion losses. The spray injection engine in the compression stroke injection to the ignition concentrated around the spark plug, thus reducing the above losses.

This does not disclose detailed specifications of the engine compression ratio, but said the engine supporting the use of a continuously variable valve timing mechanism "double VANOS", does not use continuously variable lift mechanism "Valve Tronic".

In order to prevent exhaust gas mixing, turbo for sale uk using every three cylinder turbo with a twin-turbo, the maximum output power of 225kW (306PS), maximum torque of 400N • m. Compared with the same company displacement naturally aspirated engine, the output power and torque increased by 15% and 30%. It is said that the turbine had to pressure less than 0.1MPa, torque is only about 1.3 times the original, and therefore had to imagine the pressure does not seem so big.

• The fuel injection valve and Daimler Chrysler, as are used piezoelectric. Play the advantages of excellent response, once the intake stroke, compression stroke, two-in, a total of three injections. Each injection is to take advantage of the latent heat of vaporization to increase the charging efficiency, and the second conical injection of fuel injection, and the third micro-injection only be injected, so that the fuel concentration in the region close to the ignition spark plug is formed. Fuel injection pressure of 10M ~ 12MPa (100 ~ 120 atm), compared with Daimler Chrysler • 20MPa, only much the same with ordinary direct injection engine. The fuel injection system has not announced suppliers.

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