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Your State and early education funding growth

Literally, there are two budget lines that include early education possible funding growth....speechless and happy!

I've underlined and placed in bold, the first is the ADA (Average Daily Attendance) money we are hearing so much about and not tapping into at this point. The second is PAT funding, which is always it's own line item. MOPATA has a member of our board "testifying" at the budget hearing for PAT.


Senate Pro Tem Dave Schatz and Speaker Elijah Haahr released committee assignments this week. Sen. Gary Romine (R-Farmington) will continue to lead the Senate Educationcommittee and Rep. Rebecca Roeber (R-Lee's Summit) will chair the House Educationcommittee, replacing Rep. (R-Cape Girardeau) who has moved over to lead the House Workforce Development committee.

This week Senate Appropriations will begin budget hearings. The Governor's plan includes:

  • $61 million for the pre-K to 12 funding formula,
  • An additional $10 million for school transportation,
  • Steady funding for four-year colleges,
  • Small amounts of new funding for mental health and opioid addiction,
  • $20 million of new federal money targeted to the purchase of child care, and
  • $4 million in additional funding for Parents as Teachers

Next week we will break down the education bills by policy area and preview the legislative landscape for the coming session.

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