Steve Wozniak

Helped build the first apple computer

Stephen Gary Wozniak was another inventor and creator of Apple. His companions are Steve Jobs, Ronald Wayne, and a couple of friends. Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs were the

creator of apple.

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  • Steve was born in San Jose, California.
  • Son of Margaret Louise Wozniak and Francis Jacob Wozniak.
  • He attended school at The university of California at Berkeley.
  • He took classes on electronics and technology.
  • He met Ronald Wayne and Steve Jobs in collage
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His professional life and achievements

  • On April 1, 1976 Steve Wozniak, Jobs, and Ronald Wayne came together.
  • They put their Knowledge together and built the first Apple computer. Their computer was then introduced to marketing. Steve later on started improving the computers by making them smaller and last longer In 1983 Apple had a stock value of $985 million.
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Steve Wozniak hasn't worked with apple since 1987. But apple has been representing him since. Some people might not remember Steve Wozniak,but he made a big change in the world.