Night Of The Twisters

By Ivy Ruckman By Emmie


Problem and Solution

The problem was that there was 7 tornadoes and everything was getting ruined. Also Dan could not find any of his family members. The solution for that everything got ruined is that they cleaned all of it up.The solution was that Dan, Aurthor, and stacey finally found shelter and that Dan found his family.

The main characters in the book


This is where the story takes place

The setting in the book takes place in Grand Island Nebraska. The capital of Nebraska is Lincoln. What borders Nebraska is South Dakota, Colorado, Kansas, Iowa, Missouri, and Wyoming. There are 93 counties in Nebraska.


In the beginning of the book Dan won a really expensive bike. They also went to the beach and flirted with Stacey. In the beginning of the book they did did some foreshadowing that the storm was coming by saying the wind was getting strong and that the sky was turning grey. In the middle of the book the first tornado siren went off. Ryan was napping at that time so he started crying and Dan went to go get him. Well he was going upstairs to go get him the lights went off. He couldn't see when he reached down to get him so his foot got stuck in the mobile. But he finally got him out. In the end of the book it was a wreck because 6 more tornadoes went off. Since his house got blown away they now live at there grand parents house.