Vocabulary Project by: Ernesto



Nomad is people who wonder place to place. Nomadic people travel for things they need. In many countries in the middle east have nomadic connections because in some countries they have better items and lower costs than the others. Nomadic people could move in a group or by there self. Another reason of nomadic moving is because of more wages.


Belief is a thing that is everywhere as a acceptance that a statement is true or something exists.Belief is everywhere in the Middle East as anywhere in the world most Middle East countries believe in Islam and Judaism and others. Belief is used to to express what is there or what you think. Most argue about the beliefs around the world because they are not the same as there's. The connections of religion are almost all the same because of one or more God's.
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Ethnic Group

Ethnic Group is a group of people who share a unique culture and identity. Saudi Arabia is a example of a ethnic group because the citizens there share the same country and are all Arabians. Most ethnic groups have to have one or more things in common. Not all of ethnic groups are all the same as the other group because they could have different rules. Some ethnic groups don't even get along with each other because they don't like the rules.
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Developing Country

A developing country is a poor agricultural country that is seeking to become more advanced economically and socially. United Arab Emirates is a great example of a developing country because of there way of using there oil and using solar panels. Developing Countries start out as a rural area and then turn to a urban place as the growth of money investment gets bigger. Most middle east countries start out as a low profit area and then grow back up.
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